We Believe that Happiness is Found in the Simple Things in Life


Where We Began

In 2016, my wife, Linda, and I took the leap from professional careers to start our new adventure as a family-run business located in a small rural community near the beautiful Southern Kettle Moraine area in Southern Wisconsin. Our country property consists of a honey bee apiary, pollinator sanctuary, and lush herb and vegetable gardens. In our studio and production areas, we are busy handcrafting natural soaps and botanical body care products, harvesting and bottling pure & delicious raw honey, and creating wood and glass art. This is where we live and work.

Our Mission

People are increasingly overwhelmed with the busyness of life, and are losing their grip on the things that bring joy, peace and contentment. There is a yearning for a more simplified life and desire to improve the way they take care of themselves. Our mission is to promote a greater sense of wellness and joyful living – that is what Honey Bee Artisans is all about. Our belief is that we can find happiness and contentment in the simple things in life while also working on inspiring and immersive endeavors.

We are on a mission to create handcrafted artisan products made in small batches that will enhance your feeling of well being and contentment, and zest for work and life.

Our Commitment

We are committed to your sense of well-being and products that will enhance your life. There is a growing interest in healthy products and healthy living. We say NO to chemical based products including detergents and cleansers that are harsh on skin. We use only high quality pure and simple natural ingredients that refreshes and adds vitality to your life. Our raw wildflower honey preserves all of nature’s healthy ingredients and is not heated or blended with other less than pure ingredients.

In addition, we strive to offer artistic creations that delights, inspires, and adds beauty in your daily life.

Our Joy & Satisfaction

We find great joy and satisfaction to be able to share our growing line of natural, healthful products, raw honey from our own apiary, and wood & glass art with you and receive your enthusiastic response to them. We sincerely thank you, and our Honey Bees thank you too!

Live Simply and with Joy,

Scott Kosteretz