All We Really Need are

Fields of Flowers and Busy Bees!

All of Our Products are Made with Pure and Natural Ingredients

It's Good for the Bees. It's Good for You. It's Better for the Environment.

Botanical Body Care

We thoughtfully create botanical body care products, using high quality pure and natural ingredients that health-minded people prefer. All of our products are hand blended and made in small batches. You can be confident that our body care family of products are free of parabens, phthalates, and petroleum. We do not make what we will not use ourselves!

Handcrafted Natural Soap

Our signature soaps are packed full of skin-loving, high quality natural ingredients. And the rich lather, and aromatic bouquet of wonderful scents are sure to enliven your senses!
What a great way to care for your body and pamper your skin!

Raw Honey

Our lively honey bees make sweet and delicious wildflower honey from the fragrant pollen and nectar of flowering trees, plants, and herbs that grow near our apiary. Our raw honey is not pasteurized and contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Natural Pet Care

Our beloved pets are family members too! Our natural botanical–based pet care products are both gentle and cleansing, helping them to feel fresh and happy. 


Natural Home Care

We believe that life at home should be a place of comfort, wellness and well being, where you can enjoy the good simple things with family and friends. Our natural home care products are better for the environment and help to enhance the quality of home life.



Wood & Glass Art

In our wood & glass studio we design and create wearable art, functional art, and objects of art to adorn your home or give as gifts to someone special. Whatever you choose, our hope is that it brings joy, delight, inspiration, and beauty into your life.


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